Saturday, September 22, 2007

Schmooney Day at Heritage Park

We are so fortunate to be living in a family friendly area. Our neighborhood adjoins a city park-Heritage Park, which is one of the most fantastic public parks I have even seen. There is a state-of-the art sports complex with soccer fields and 8 baseball fields that would make some Minor League Baseball teams jealous...two great playgrounds and a brand new ampitheatre. Thrught the year, there are Major and Minor events there. Today was Schmooney Day at Heritage Park. Who is Schmooney you ask? He is the Literacy Mascot of South Carolina and also the Simpsonville city mascot.
Click here and read all about him.

Anyway, we went to Schmooney Day today. Here are a few photos...

Our Cub Scout....

Finally...I have gotten a picture of Noah in his Cub Scout uniform. He is really enjoying it and is getting ready for his first Rain-Gutter Regatta this coming Friday. He and Mike are going to Camp Old Indian on October for a parent-scout campout on October 19th (I will be off enjoying a weekend with the women of All Saints -our former church in Virginia, at their annual Womens Retreat).

Sunday, September 16, 2007

House Update

We have ask for and received a extension on our closing for the SC house. We STILL have not sold the house in Virginia. We do have an interested party..who is already selling a house in Ashland. They want to rent our house until they sell theirs, and then buy ours (it is a long story, and to protect their privacy, I won't go into the details here). Hopefully this will work out and will satisfy our Lender. We should know something in the next day or so. Mike is still haggling with the builder over the back yard. They fixed the gully running diagonally throughout he back yard, but did not build up the common area enough so when we got a HUGE rainstorm on Friday night, the water all puddled in our backyard. Moms of boys(and or dog owners) know what this spells every time it rains...I get muddy footprints tracked onto my beautiful hardwood floors!!!!

Aside from that, the house is coming together. We did have some disappointing news that we were NOT supposed to get a seamless shower in our Master bathroom, and the one they installed was correct. Mike & I could have sworn we selected that option BUT the good news is that when Mike had the windshield replaced on his car last week (another long was the BMW and you know how he is about THAT CAR!!!) he talked at length to the glass guy about seamless shower doors and the guy told him they LEAK really bad. So I am moderately happy about our choice...I can live with that!

I can't remember if I posted this or not before, but Mike officially retired on August 31st. He received a nice send off from his squad and received the Lt. Colonel's coin in recognition for his 22 years of service (proud wife here). He has had 2 interviews here with BMW, and goes for a drug screen on Tuesday. Hopefully he will get some good news re: employment with them in the next week or two.

Well, I better run. I am actually supposed to be writing lesson plans but I HAD to take a break!!!

Miss you all.....Patti, Mike & Noah

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Our Crazy Busy Life

Wow! It has been a whole month since I posted here. That has to mean that life has been busy, and that is really an understatement. Since my last post, Noah has returned to school (1st Grade) and I have started my new job teaching 4th Graders. Noah has also become a Cub Scout (that is another post for later next week when I get a chance to photograph him in his uniform before his den meeting). We are adjusting to life in the South! It is a bit of a slower pace, the people are Uber-Friendly and that is SOOOOO wonderful. We have met a few folks (mostly co-workers, and neighbors). Our house is almost finished and we are scheduled to close on Sept. 27. We are fighting with our builder over the shower in our master bath. We are 101% percent sure we ordered a seamless/frameless shower and they installed a framed one. We are hunting down paperwork to prove we are right. Without that, we are stuck with the one they installed. And this comes on the heels of a battle over a gulley they put diagonally through our back yard. They finally fixed that and resodded the backyard (as well as replaced a dead tree they planted--it was not dead when they planted it but died later). Oh, and we had a leak in the roof above our front porch which leaked into the dining room and roiuned a section of our hardwood floors.
But enough whining....the house looks great and we are excited about (finally) moving in. Our house in Virginina still has not sold so we dropped the price (again) and listed it for rent as well as sale (a stipulation of our financing).
But other than is good. Busy but good.