Monday, November 26, 2007

Is anybody out there???

I know there is at least one person reading this blog because they told me they read it (note to self...write something nice about my ONE READER!!!!) Did you know that you could post a comment on my blog?? So what are you waiting for..go ahead, you know you want to...just click on people who read this and care to weigh in (at the end of the post)...and leave me a "shout out"

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Belated Post: Cub Scout Awards

I was going through pictures today and came across these from late October when Noah got his Bobcat patch (his first big award in cub scouts). He was so excited and PROUD!!! We are very excited that he is enjoying scouts so much. While we were selling popcorn a few months ago we met several proud moms whose sons had attained the rank of Eagle Scout. They were so nice and encouraging to Noah, telling him to wrok hard, stick with it, and someday he could be an Eagle Scout too!!!

A New Thanksgiving Tradition

I got off "easy" this year since we are not quite settled in the new house. We had plans to have dinner at my Dad and Missy's. All I had to do was make the green bean casserole, bring the rolls and make a few desserts. Then Noah decided he wanted to help. He wanted to make chocolate cupcakes. So I baked them and turned the decorating over to him. I must say, as biased as I may be, he is a NATURAL!! Here are some pics from his baking adventure. And NO, that is not canned icing you see in the picture. Shame on me!!! But my Kitchenaid mixers have not been unpacked yet......

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What I am thankful for.....

..okay, I promise not to get too sappy, but I wanted to post before the craziness of Thanksgiving sets in (promptly at 7am tomorrow morning as I head to Wal-Mart SuperCenter to beat the crowd). I spent the day today looking at my kids (the 14 I have at school not the 1 I have at home), and wondered what their Thanksgiving would be like. Since so many of them live in poverty, I wonder if there will be a turkey and the trimmings on Thursday. I know that many will get assistance to provide a meal but it really made me reflect on how blessed I am. So here is my list if things I am thankful for....
1. My family (Mike, Noah and Maddy {wherever you are!!} and my extended family- parents, sisters, sister in law, brothers in law, aunts, uncles, cousins, and nephews)
2. My health (it could be better, but it could also be worse)
3. My friends..too many to name but you know who you are. I love you all!!
4. My freedom...and those who are and have sacrificed so I can live free (a big shout out to Msgt Steve Williams- husband of Kaarin and dad to Karl safe and come home soon!)
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Zoo Camp with the Cub Scouts

Friday evening we headed to Columbia to the Riverbanks Zoo for a Camp In with the Cub Scouts. The Riverbanks Zoo does this for all kinds of groups and calls it Zoo Camp. It was a GREAT experience. Very well run, the zoo is gorgeous, the boys had a great time (and the adults too). Aside from sleeping on a cold, hard auditorium floor, the trip was great!! We got to go behind the scenes into the animal "barns" and see the animals up close. We saw giraffes, grizzly bears, koalas and a hippo names "Montgomery (he was born in AL at the Montgomery Zoo). We went on a night hike and then the next morning after another tour, we were invited to stay at the zoo as long as we wanted. After a carousel ride and visiting a few exhibits we headed home. Noah and all the scouts in his pack had a great time. As a bonus, the zoo was hosting a VIP event Friday evening and had the zoo decorated for Christmas and their annual "Lights before Christmas" event. Santa was there too! We can't wait to go back and visit again. We will definitely plan on taking any out of town guest there as well.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Weekend Preview....

..okay, I know it is only Wednesday but I am REALLY looking forward to the weekend. Why, you ask???? Here is my list of top ten reasons why I am already looking forward to the weekend on Wednesday....
10. After the weekend, only 2 more days of school, then Thanksgiving break
9. I only have to write 2 days worth of lesson plans this weekend
8. I am finally going to get a chance to cook in my new kitchen
7. We are going to the Columbia Zoo for a camp-in with Noah's Cub Scout pack
6. I can catch up on my TIVO shows
5. I get to shop for Thanksgiving food
4. My friend Debbie from Virginia, her son Alex and her Dad (aka Big Papa) are coming to Greenville this weekend to visit family and I will get to see them Saturday when we return from Columbia
3. I get to unpack more boxes (no time during the week)
2. The weather is supposed to be in the 60's
1. I get to SLEEP LATE on SUNDAY!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Reason # 643 Why we moved to SC.... dashboard thermometer read "81" when I left school at 4:30 this afternoon. And its supposed to be 76 tomorrow!! A week before Thanksgiving!!! Temps should be in the 60's next week. Love it!!! Of course, I think it is supposed to get to 70 in Virginia tomorrow too!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Moving in....

The closing went flawless, the movers arrived a few days later..we have most of our stuff inside the house (some still at storage until this weekend). We have phone, Internet, utilities (still no DirectTV), and a new washer/dryer. Beds are made (well one of them)...and we are getting settled. I promise to post some pictures once it looks a little less like a bomb went off inside. We are beginning to feel like WE ARE HOME...and it feels good!