Friday, December 21, 2007

Little Known Christmas Facts...

Okay, before you go thinking I am really clever..I have to admit that I lifted this from another blogger (I am a teacher after all, and we "borrow" stuff all the time)...It was too good not to post on my own blog, but at least I am honest enough not to take the credit. Enjoy!
PS- Krista- Have to show Kaitlyn, although it might give her ideas about rearranging your Nativity scene!

While the 3 Kings get most of the credit for bearing gifts and traverse afar, it was the 3 Princesses who did the packing, arranged for the camels, got the map (really King, you're going to rely on a star? What are your plans for the daytime?) and of course, shopped for the baby.

Another PS- Those of you who have children and Nativity scenes can relate....several years ago we bought the Little People Nativity,a long with the Little People Santa and Reindeer complete with sleigh, Christmas on Main Street, and the Tree Lighting..yada yada. Noah loves to interchange the pieces and you never know where the baby Jesus is going to minute he is sleeping peacefully in the manger, the next he is either riding in Santa's sleigh or perusing the bakery on Main Street!!

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