Sunday, January 20, 2008


..okay, I LOVE Disney movies!! I'll admit it...but since I don't have a daughter(yet), I don't pay much attention to the ones with Princess themes. When Enchantedcame out..I really had no desire to see it until it started getting RAVE reviews. So this afternoon, Mike and my Dad headed to the International Auto Show so Missy and I took Noah to see Enchanted. I have to say... I LOVED IT.. and not just because Patrick Dempsey (aka McDreamy from Gray's Anatomy) was in it.

Although he is easy on the eyes!! The story was not too over the top cotton candy was cute but not syruppy. And in true Disney fashion...they lived Happily Ever After....go see if if you haven't already.
PS- As soon as I came home I downloaded the soundtrack into my iPod too..even the music was good!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I didn't sign on for this....

Did you know that is snows in SC? Yeah, I was under the impression we were leaving the DC area and moving to SC for the balmy climate( and to get away form the traffic, astronomical housing prices..etc). Well, apparently we picked a part of the state to re-locate to that actually gets snow!! Go figure! What was our first clue (aside from the familiar white stuff coming down Thursday, or the trademark rush to buy bread, milk and toilet paper at the Super Bi-Lo Wednesday night???? There are mountains nearby. Mountains=higher elevation. Typically higher elevations get snow, right (forgive me..I was NOT a geography major). You would have thought that we would have figured this out BEFORE we moved here.

SO anyway, we got a SNOW DAY Thursday (Teaching does have it perks---hello...Summer vacation!!!). And of course, a 2 day delay yesterday. By the time school let out Friday there was no strace of it. But guess what???? It is going to snow again today. 1-3 inches. On MY 3-Day weekend?? Seriously?!?!?!

Oh, and here is the real KICKER....we don't get snowdays in our school calendar in Greenville County so we have to make Thurdays up. Kind of s#@ks but....we still have Summer Vacation!!!!

I have added some pictures of Noah and Ella playing in the snow Thursday..they reall y had fun!!! (You can click on the image to see all the pictures or a slideshow in FLIKR)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I am so JEALOUS.....

...of Kristen at Mommy Needs a Cocktail.... she was this close to Mr. Big!! If you are a huge SATC fan, like can understand my jealousy!! I told her I stole this picture and cropped her out but as you can see...I did not. And she just returned from L.A. where she was in the Baby Boom Boom Room (at the canceled Golden Globes) representing her business Baby Brewing which has the BEST shirts ever for Moms-to-be, Moms, Dads and kids. She rubbed elbows with lots of celebs too..but seriously.....SHE TOUCHED CHRIS NOTH!!!!

Check out both her blog (which I have previously dubbed "the funniest blog I have ever read") and her website...she doesn't disappoint!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's Snowing!!!!

Yep, it really does snow in South least in our neck of the woods (aren't I starting to sound like a southerner???). The original forcast said up to an inch of snow turning to a wintry of 5pm today the forecast said up to 2 inches which has now been changed to 2-4 inches!! WHOOO-HOOO!! Can you say "Snow Day"? Our principal even got on our school news program this morning and led the kids in the "snow dance"!!! I of course had to join the masses at the grocery store on my way home from school...Bread..check..milk..check..toilet paper...check...chocolate....double-check!!! Hey if I am going to be stuck inside with a 7 year old all day (who will ask me a million times..."can we go out and play in the snow?????") I HAVE TO HAVE CHOCOLATE.

I will post pictures of our "big storm" tomorrow...whatever that turns out to be!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Good bye retirement...hello X3!!!

Well, retirement proved to be too much for Mike so he accepted a position with BMW North America and started last Thursday. He is actually working for a subcontractor of BMW and if he proves to be hard-working and reliable (come one..ex-cop--I would say he is both!!) he will likely be offered a position working directly for BMW. He has been in training and is giddy with excitement that he gets to go on a plant tour on Monday and will be in the mix of it all full-time on Tuesday. While it is not his "dream job" of working at the Performance Center as a driver-instructor....they indicated he will likely be driving in some capacity (perhaps even driving the finished cars off the line, loading them on carriers, delivering the to the PC, etc.) Ask me if I am more excited about the fact that he is back at work or that he can get a BMW (can you say X3???) leased to him for next to nothing once he is hired on permanently at BMW??? Cha-ching!!! I may even have to agree to part with my mini-van....