Sunday, January 20, 2008


..okay, I LOVE Disney movies!! I'll admit it...but since I don't have a daughter(yet), I don't pay much attention to the ones with Princess themes. When Enchantedcame out..I really had no desire to see it until it started getting RAVE reviews. So this afternoon, Mike and my Dad headed to the International Auto Show so Missy and I took Noah to see Enchanted. I have to say... I LOVED IT.. and not just because Patrick Dempsey (aka McDreamy from Gray's Anatomy) was in it.

Although he is easy on the eyes!! The story was not too over the top cotton candy was cute but not syruppy. And in true Disney fashion...they lived Happily Ever After....go see if if you haven't already.
PS- As soon as I came home I downloaded the soundtrack into my iPod too..even the music was good!!!

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