Saturday, January 12, 2008

Good bye retirement...hello X3!!!

Well, retirement proved to be too much for Mike so he accepted a position with BMW North America and started last Thursday. He is actually working for a subcontractor of BMW and if he proves to be hard-working and reliable (come one..ex-cop--I would say he is both!!) he will likely be offered a position working directly for BMW. He has been in training and is giddy with excitement that he gets to go on a plant tour on Monday and will be in the mix of it all full-time on Tuesday. While it is not his "dream job" of working at the Performance Center as a driver-instructor....they indicated he will likely be driving in some capacity (perhaps even driving the finished cars off the line, loading them on carriers, delivering the to the PC, etc.) Ask me if I am more excited about the fact that he is back at work or that he can get a BMW (can you say X3???) leased to him for next to nothing once he is hired on permanently at BMW??? Cha-ching!!! I may even have to agree to part with my mini-van....

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