Saturday, January 19, 2008

I didn't sign on for this....

Did you know that is snows in SC? Yeah, I was under the impression we were leaving the DC area and moving to SC for the balmy climate( and to get away form the traffic, astronomical housing prices..etc). Well, apparently we picked a part of the state to re-locate to that actually gets snow!! Go figure! What was our first clue (aside from the familiar white stuff coming down Thursday, or the trademark rush to buy bread, milk and toilet paper at the Super Bi-Lo Wednesday night???? There are mountains nearby. Mountains=higher elevation. Typically higher elevations get snow, right (forgive me..I was NOT a geography major). You would have thought that we would have figured this out BEFORE we moved here.

SO anyway, we got a SNOW DAY Thursday (Teaching does have it perks---hello...Summer vacation!!!). And of course, a 2 day delay yesterday. By the time school let out Friday there was no strace of it. But guess what???? It is going to snow again today. 1-3 inches. On MY 3-Day weekend?? Seriously?!?!?!

Oh, and here is the real KICKER....we don't get snowdays in our school calendar in Greenville County so we have to make Thurdays up. Kind of s#@ks but....we still have Summer Vacation!!!!

I have added some pictures of Noah and Ella playing in the snow Thursday..they reall y had fun!!! (You can click on the image to see all the pictures or a slideshow in FLIKR)


Kathy said...

You have snow?!?! We can't BUY snow in Knoxville! I think they put up a huge bubble over the entire Tennessee Valley around 2001or so! I LOVE your house...I am so happy for you! Love, Kathy

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right.