Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ho-Hum Rainy Saturday....'s Saturday morning and I am faced one again with the questions "what are we going to do this weekend?" Since going back to work last fall, weekends have become a chaotic yet precious mix of running errands, family time, grading schoolwork, household chores and soon-to-be sports practices/games.
Today we woke to winds and rain so it looks like our day will be filled with indoor activities. Noah and I are on our own as Mike is doing some training today. Personally, I am ready, after only one cup of coffee and an hour of housecleaning, to go back to bed, snuggle in with some movies or a good book and then maybe catch a nap. Noah of course wants my undivided attention as he richochets between watching TV, playing Wii, building with Legos, snacking, and terrorizing the dog. I am only to be a spectator and companion, not a participant, mind you.

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