Monday, March 10, 2008

Is anyone else as excited to see this as I am????

I am a HUGE Dr. Seuss fan. Love all his books. Last week for his birthday/Read Across America day, I wore my Cat in the Hat hat and read my students oodles of Dr. Seuss books. We even made Oobleck in science.

I was really against it when I heard they were going to make some Dr. Seuss books into movies.... until I actually saw The Grinch and I thought they did a good job (especially with Cindy Lu Who). Now Horton is coming out this week and I am trying to contian my excitement. I love both Jim Carrey and Steve Carell!!! So this should be really good!!! Fortunately I have a child to drag along to see this movie so I don't seem like such a dork!!! Actually Mike and Noah are excited about seeing it to (not nearly as much as I am, mind you). So you know where we will be this weekend....paying way too much for 3 tickets and even more for refreshments. But it's Dr. I couldn' bear to wait until it came out on video!!!

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