Sunday, April 13, 2008

3 Words Sunday.....

...despite the fact that we really need the rain we have been getting here in Greenville.....I am sick of it!!. It wreaked havoc on our plans last weekend (Greenville Drive Baseball!!) Today is sunny (but cool). Yesterday--totally different story. It started Friday about 11pm with a huge storm. Saturday morning..more downpour. Usually, that would have been a sign for us to stay in, watch moviews, bake cookies, and chill out. But NO!! We had tickets to Carowinds with Noah's Scout pack. We decided to get a later start to let the rain pass. No luck! So we thought " Maybe the weather will be different in Charlotte (1.5 hours North of here)"..still no luck. We arrived at Carowinds during a downpour. When it let up we got out of the car and headed inside only to be caught in another downpour. Then we paid $6 a piece for rain ponchos and decided to brave it. The skies finally cleared and we had so much fun we decided to go ahead and get season passes. The one silver lining was that Noah had a soccer game yesterday afternoon that we were going to have to miss due to the Scout trip. It got rained out so he didn't miss it afterall.

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