Sunday, April 20, 2008

3 words.... text came out too small. It says Wants 2be Goalie!! Okay, I know I cheated a bit (technically its 4 words!!). Noah joined a YMCA soccer team this Spring. He has never played before (he dropped out of Soccer camp 2 years ago!). It is amazing to watch your child blossom at something...and soccer is it for Noah. He used to sit and pick rocks/grass during t-ball and baseball games. Not in soccer. He is an active and willing participant. He loves it!! And he is having fun. Yesterday was his first "official" game and he played 3 of the 4 quarters. He likes offense better than defense but put in his time when the coach played him at fullback. You could tellthough he wanted to be where the ball was. He wants to be the goalie though. Every time the coach put in player, Noah asked to be goalie. So far, he has not had a chance to play goalie even in practice. I am not sure what the fascinations is...maybe it is because the goalie wears a different jersey. Who knows!!! I am just happy he has found something he enjoys!!!

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