Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Wedding--Togo-Style

Mike and I were blessed to be invited to attend the wedding of the Mom of one of my students today. This boy, (I'll call him J for privacy), is an amazing kid. He is a musical prodigy. Plays the piano by ear and is a whiz on the drums. He and his family recently emigrated to the US from Togo, West Africa.

Anyway, his Mom got married today, and we were among the invited guests. I was a bit surprised at how "american" the wedding ceremony was. I was expecting it to be full-blown African. But it was traditional, as weddings go.

The real treat was the reception. In true Togalese style, the reception food was prepared by the women. It was AMAZING!!! And I knew it would be...see, J's Mom had cooked for our class this year. She made traditional dished from Togo...and my kids loved it. So did I.

So I knew the food at the reception would be "the stuff". And it was. There were all different types of meats and rices. And one of the dishes was the same as one J's Mom had prepared for my class. It was tomatoes, peppers and onions, all cooked together with african spices. YUM! It was all so fresh, like they had left the wedding ceremony and gone home and cooked it right then.

Mike and I filled our plates full and enjoyed every bite. A colleague of mine and her husband were also at the wedding and K's husband enjoyed the food too. In K's defense, she is 7 months pregnant and was afraid to eat too much because she didn't want to get heartburn.
An these folks were amazing hosts! Everytime we turned around they were bringing bottles of wine, and champagne to our table. They even got a bit offened when we tried to clear our plates from the table. They truly wanted us to sit back and rela, and enjoy the festivities.

I wish I has taken pictures of the food (as wierd as that sounds)...I wanted to but I was too embarrassed. So I googled some pictures and here is what I found...similar to what we ate.

Beef and Onion

Wagash (Fried Cheese)

Rice & Beans

There were a few things I was not brave enough to the fish heads. It was a wonderful afternoon and we send our thanks to Olivier and Valentine for their hospitality in including us in their special day.

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