Sunday, July 13, 2008

3 Word Sunday

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It has been almost a year since we left Virginia, leaving family and friends, and our church. It is hard to put into words how hard it was to leave our church was home, family and friends all rolled into one. Our church was a very family-friendly, warm, spirit-filled place.

This week, andother family from our old church is preparing to leave. They are going to Belgium for 3 years. All of the Moms from the Moms group submitted recipes and one of the Moms created a beautiful digital cookbook complete with photos as a keepsake for this family. It made me realize how much I miss our old church and the friends we made there. Fortunately for us, we can drive back for a visit...and plan to next month. Blessings and hugs to our friends at All Saints!!

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Bella's momma said...

It is so difficult to leave behind dear friends and family. After moving from TN to FL I longed for the connections I had and grieved the fact that I was so far away and lonely.

But I can say happily that 14 years later I still have my friends from back home and MANY more that I have made here.

I promise that in time the missing becomes easier(it is always there but it is easier.)

Have a blessed weekend,