Sunday, July 20, 2008

3 word Sunday

Our nephew Jacob recently became a Marine. He is a great kid and has always wanted to become a cop like his uncle Mike (my husband). The USMC offered him the opportunity to become an MP and he signed on, knowing that he would see combat at the completion of his training. He is completing training to fulfill this dream and will assigned a permanent duty station shortly. After that, he has already been told to prepare to deploy to Afghanistan. We are very proud of him, and are praying for his safety as he trains and prepares for deployment.
He has grown up alot and we are very proud of him!!!


Bella's momma said...

I am thankful for young men like this, willing to serve. Please tell him thank you from a family that is grateful for him and the many others like him that serve our country every day!!!

Terry said...

Please tell your nephew Jacob that there are people praying for him. I wish that we could tell every single man and woman in the armed forces that we truly appreciate the fact that they are protecting the many freedoms we enjoy here. God keep you safe, Jacob, until your glorious return home to your family!