Thursday, July 24, 2008

Schools Out For Summer I know you are scratchng your head saying "Didn't school get out in June?"

Well some of us (well, ME) are INSANE and signed on to teach summer school. Yep. I have spend my days (Monday-Thursday) with a bunch of 3rd graders (soon to be 4th graders). Yes, I need my head examined, because now, I have exactly 18 days until I have to report back for the new school year.

My incentive was the pay of course---needing desperately to build up the "China Fund" since we are (finally) getting closer to getting our referral for Maddy (have you read my other blog??? Waiting for Maddy ) After Uncle Sam got his grubby hands on my summer school paycheck, it hardly seemed worth giving up relaxing days by the pool, eating bonbons and other things teachers do on their summer vacation.

So today, our summer school principal (not our usual principal-whom I adore) had the great idea to do a fun day for the final day--where the kids would rotate between a water/field day, a movie and a dance, spending about an hour at each event. Surprisingly it went off well, considering that 24 hours ago we had nothing organized (like filling 400 water balloons- "sure we'll get right on that!"). Oh, and there was the dance, which I was put in charge of organizing the music for (why, because I am so hip to what kind of music 5-11 year olds listen to)..I can tell you--these kids are cultural deprived...they didn't know YMCA, BrickHouse, or Funkytown, and if one more kid asked me to play the Cha Cha Slide (for the 40th time)...UUUGGGHHH!! Now, I cant get Hannah Montana's Rock Star or We're all in this together from High School Musical out of my head.

So whatever will I do with my 18 days..vacation??? nope, relaxing??? nope, sitting by the pool??? lots of organizing, reading (some for fun, more for school), sleeping late...and maybe eat a few bonbons!!!


The Ice House said...

Yea! Summer Vacation....AWESOME!
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

I live in Travelers Rest and I drive to Harris Teeter in Hendersonville, NC when they have triples. It takes me about 30 minutes to get there and when I save SO much, it is SO worth it.

It's great to find another Greenville Blogger out there. I'll check back with you often!

BTW...your cakes are beautiful! I make cakes for my kids, but I've never taken a class so they aren't very professional. One day, when the kiddos are older, I'm gonna get myself to Tech over here on White Horse Rd and learn how to do it right!

Bella's momma said...

WooWoo~ Go have some fun!!!