Sunday, August 24, 2008

3 Word Sunday's official. We are back in school, both Noah and I. Tuesday was the first day back for the kids and it is safe to say, we were all exhausted Tuesday night (and Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)....

I am excited about the new school year. I have 13 students and they are all boys!! I knew about that already. They are great kids, but each has their own quirks (as do I). Our first 4 days together (and now it looks like Day 5 too) were "Textbook Free, " where we were supposed to spend our days going over rules and procedures, and building a sense of community. So far, so good. We did have a few minor rule violations, but I tried to roll with it, knowing it was just the first week.

Noah is in an all boy 2nd grade classroom and he is really enjoying it. One of my teacher friends also has her son in that same classroom. We are hoping they will become friends like us. Noah has a wonderful teacher but what he is most excited about is the SOAR bucks he is accumulating. Our school does a Positive Behavior System school-wide called SOAR and kids get paper money "bucks" for doing good things...then they get to spend them in the SOAR-store buying goodies (ie junk they play with for 30 minutes then lose or break). It is a great program, and Noah is collecting his bucks!!! I am enjoying having him at school with me. He says he is a little bored but I am sure once they hit the books this week that will change.

Here is a picture of Noah and Ella on the 1st Day of school. Ella was wishing Noah a good first day and Noah was reassuring Ella he would be home that afternoon to play with her.

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Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

I wish y'all much luck with the new school year. It IS exhausting!!!

If you do decide to hire someone to help you with your blog, then you must at least talk to Rebecca. She has a wonderful kindness about her and on top of that she is talented. But I believe your blog looks really nice. GREAT colors!!!

I have never taken a photography class (it is on my list of something I would like to do some day!) Thank you for your compliments!

Have a wonderful night,