Friday, August 8, 2008

This is what we'll be doing at 7:30 tonight!!

...watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics (from home of course!!!). We have been excited about the 2008 Olympics in Beijing since we started the process of adopting Maddy from China (over 3 years ago). Since tonight's broadcast is taped, due to the 12 hour time difference, I resisted the urge all day to look at photos from the event that were quickly posted
on the Internet.

I am excited about being able to visit some of the Olympic venues in Beijing when we travel to get Maddy. I really want to see Birds Nest stadium, where the Opening/Closing Ceremonies are being held. Travleling in a few months should make that easier. I know from at least one person who was in Beijing in the past 2 weeks that you have not been able to get close to the venues (especially Birds Nest stadium) due to security being so tight.

So we are having stir-fry and dumplings for dinner tonight ...and we'll be cheering on the U.S. athletes and enjoying the show.

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