Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wearing my Soccer Mom hat....

...Soccer season started again last night (yep, we have practices on Friday evenings) and I am going to be the team mom again this season (because I have so much EXTRA time on my hands, especially now that school is back in session!).

Noah is playing for the YMCA again- this season on the Cyclones. He is very excited, and we watched along with the other parents from the sidelines as he practiced. He has really picked up some great skills since last season. And he loves it, which is the most important thing. He got a chance to practice as the goalie during the first half of practice. He missed one kick and dove for another one and caught it. Fast forward to the second half of practice and another kid is playing goalie. This kid missed a kick at the end (the only one that came at him during practice) and a boy and girl on his team (this was a team scrimmage) came up to the goalie and started yelling at him for missing the kick.

My first thoughts were 1) poor little guy 2) ITS ONLY A GAME!! 3) Who raised these little brats 4) if that were Noah they were yelling at, I would have been out of my chair and kicked some 7- year old butt.
We were sitting between both of the coaches' wives and both jumped up to tell their husbands what had happened (they were working on skills with other kids). I am glad they did because if they hadn't, I would have at the end of practice.

We try and encourage Noah to do his best, play fair and treat eveyone with respect. Kind of a no brainer when you are a parent..obviously these kids parents were absent the day they taught that in Parent School.

His first game is next Saturday! Go Cyclones!!!!

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