Sunday, January 18, 2009

Time to Ketchup .....

...but so much has been going one, and it is hard to put it into words sometimes. Anyway, a few of you have hinted to me about visiting my blog and finding nothing. So here goes....

First off- HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I had these dreams of grandeur of posting this whole look bak at 2008...well you see how far I got on that!! Maybe I will do one for 2009!!!

Anyway, here's the latest. In case you have not heard...we are no longer adopting from China. It is a long story...and one I don't really want out there floating in blog-land. I am not quite ready to share all the details...but some day I will. Don't worry we are fine..we actually made the decision back in October and pulled our dosier in November. This month will be a little hard because our LID group will be getting their referrals. We will share in their joy and can;t wait to see all the pictures, and stories from China. But we know this is God's plan for us, and we are confident that we will bring another child into our family year, she (or he) just won't be from China.

We had a great Christmas, right inthe middle of a glorious 16 day break from school. We spend a lot of time in our pajamas, playing wii, sleeping late after staying up late, watching movies., eating way too much, and enjoying time together as a afamily.

Now we are back in our regular, church, work, Scouts, other words..craziness!! Noah is gearing up for the Scouts Pinewood derby and AWANA also has a similar derby this month. Mike and Noah (well mostly Mike) are busy designing and building both cars, and testing them out.

We finally found a church here in Greenville after looking for more than a year. It is called NewSpring Church and we LOVE it. It is very different from our church in Virginia. For one thing is is HUGE!! There are over 8000 members on 3 campuses (Anderson, Greenville and Florence SC) and they are opening another campus in Columbia later this year. Our Senior Pastor is Perry Noble and he is AMAZING. He actually preaches at the Anderson campus and it we watch him through live video feed in Greenville. It was wierd at first but he is very "larger than life" so you don't even notice he isn't right there. I was afraid Mike would not go for the whole mega church experience but he loves Perry, has connected with his message and he is on fire!! We went to a membership class last week and have begun to get plugged into a home group and volunteering (Mike has volunteered for the parking team...and is secretly wishing they let him drive one of the golf carts!). I want to do something in the Childrens Ministry but after dealign with little people all week, I think I am going to work on the registration team, which helps sign in kids and get them to the right classroom. Noah loves it too...they keep him "highly engaged" and he loves goign each Sunday.

Aside from that we are hoping to make a trip to Virginia early this spring, and we want to resume our famiy beach trip this summer. We also need to make a trip down to Florida to meet my new nephew Ethan, who was born just this morning!!

Well, that is all for now....I will work on updating this more often.....

Love Patti, Mike Noah